Thursday, August 28, 2014
By Missie
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He's Back!! 

T won me over the first time I met him; with his adorable smile and perfect little baby rolls, his Bath Tub session became one of my all-time favorites. (go take a peek by clicking on that link...adorable, right?!!!!)


As if that wasn't cute enough, a couple weeks ago this little water baby celebrated his first birthday. Instead of sporting his birthday suit again, though, this time he was sporting board shorts


T turned on the charm in both sessions, but there was one thing missing - Mom & Dad! So we fixed that by linking up for some family playtime the other morning...and in keeping with tradition, he was perfectly suited for the session. (suspenders! bow tie! I love it!)


These three have a beautiful Gallery coming their way...but I'm just going to tease them for now and not share all of my favorites here! XOXO

Sunday, August 17, 2014
By Missie
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Happy First Birthday, T!

Born in Hawaii, T's Mom and Dad wanted his birthday to have a special little nod to the state that holds a special place in their hearts. To help bring a bit of The Aloha State to not-so-tropical (other than the heat!) Clarksville, we came up with the Pineapple Cake in lieu of the traditional smash cake design, and decided to create some surfboards to use as the backdrop. Board shorts not only fit the theme perfectly, but would allow T's adorable belly to show...and would make things easy to clean for them. 

I knew without a doubt that the team at George The Cake Guy would be able to create a "wow" cake (and didn't they?!! Thank you, Melissa & George!)...the issue that was left was the location. 

I floated a couple of ideas in my head (ha! in a pre-coffee moment I thought about getting sand...hmmmm, good thing I poured a cup and quickly remembered that sand & cake wouldn't go well together! That would have been a Pinterest "fail" for sure!), and then happened to take my munchkin for a treat at the cafe' at Miss Lucille's. As we sat outside enjoying a lemon cupcake, I noticed the shingles on the porch area. They reminded me of a cool little beach shanty...I knew it would make the perfect backdrop!

The morning of the session T was a little hesitant to dive in to such an awesome cake. It took a little coaxing, but he did get a few pensive nibbles in. The verdict?...

.... YUMMY!

(He was kind enough to leave some leftovers for Mom, Dad, & Grandma to try)

Many, many thanks to Luci from The Belle Hollow for allowing us to use their beautiful location for the session! 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
By Missie
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The last time I had the opportunity to play with little Mr. H, he had just celebrated a birthday & was counting down the days until his Daddy came home. Every day he took a toy soldier from the "days to go" jar and added it to the "days done" jar...


Well, I'm happy to say one jar is empty and the other is full!  I think this image perfectly captures how happy both H and his Mom are about that (H totally photo bombed that...but that's a great photo bomb! I snagged a killer shot of a Mom & Dad only hug just before he joined in. That one I'll share after they see it first)

Is that not a perfect hug or what?


Summer in Tenneessee is typically hot & thick, but we lucked in to a beautiful morning full of sun; a slight breeze replaced the humidity, and even the mosquitoes cut us a break. I was excited to have permission from neighboring property owners to use their land - both have fields that have just enough similarities to pull the whole session together, and just enough differences to give us variety. The morning sun over the golden field created just the right backlighting and warmth to fit this sweet family. Aren't they awesome?!

My heart strings were definitely tugged watching H & his Dad interact; and seeing this beautiful Mom so happy was fabulous! This session changed dates & themes a few times over the past couple of months, and I'm thrilled that everything finally came together for her. It's been wonderful getting to know her, and I sure hope I "nailed it!" for the H Family. (I have a few other favorites from their session, but they have to see their Gallery to enjoy those!)

By the way, Mom just so happens to be the Abby from Kindermusik with Abby...for those of you not from this area, she's a favorite among Parents & kiddos here in town (including us!); her classes are fantastic and she is wonderful with kids. If you are new to Clarksville or have been curious about Kindermusik, I highly recommend signing up for a class. My 19-month old gives it two (yogurt covered) thumbs up! (and yes, that is the highest toddler ranking you can earn in this household)

Welcome Home again, J! I'm so happy for the three of your to be back together again!


Wednesday, July 02, 2014
By Missie
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You know those people that just instantly make you feel right "at home?" That's the best way I can describe the D Family...

I happened to meet this gorgeous Mamma & her adorable curly-hair cherub a few months ago at the library, where we were both taking our munchkins for story & play time. Confident and bubbly, I was hoping we'd get the chance to hang out outside of "the yellow blanket" (what our kiddos played on while we all gathered around). Eventually three of us Moms struck up a conversation and wound up going out for lunch with our cuties ... and just a couple of weeks later she & her hubby were sharing their Mother's Day with us; Cooking breakfast and making us laugh, taking away the sting of our hubbies being deployed - because that's just the type of people they are.

M & M have a sweet love story, and the bliss that radiates out of their wedding photos scattered about their home just makes my heart smile. But even more so, it just naturally oozes out of both of them with every little glance... being around them just puts you in a good mood. And their little "Stinks" - (one of the nicknames for their cherub) - don't even get me started! I didn't have to prompt any of these sweet glances out of any of them... 

Needless to say, I loved being able to spend a morning capturing these moments for this Family...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
By MIssie
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Evy's birth story began last Thursday, April 10th, at 6 AM.  Five days past her due date, the Dr. scheduled an induction; Evy, despite a room full of "Team Evy" family and friends anxious to meet her, was perfectly cozy and not quite ready to make her appearance. Around midnight the decision was made that it was best for Mom & Dad to head back home to get some rest in hopes that labor would begin naturally before the next attempt at induction...

As hoped, Mom went in to labor at 3:45 AM on Palm Sunday. A beautiful purple flowering tree in front of her home went in to full bloom, and nineteen hours & forty-eight minutes later her Mommy & Daddy finally got to meet her.

Daddy, both her Grandmothers, and her Mommy's best friend, Jessica, were all at her Mommy's side every step of the way...and Aunt Beth was right there as well thanks to Skype. "Team Evy" made quite the support group, and I truly enjoyed getting to know them...I'll tell ya, if you're going in to labor you want a group like this by your side for sure!  

*On a personal note, I want to share that this was my first opportunity to document a Birth for a family - I entered it expecting it to be a powerful and beautiful experience...and it certainly was. Evy's family is so loving, and were so amazing to watch interact; and they were beyond gracious in allowing me to capture it all (along with the Drs. and Nurses at Gateway). In fact, once it was determined that an emergency C-section was needed there was a point where I had to take a deep breath and remember to take the photo rather than jump in and offer a hug. There's a moment in the video below where Lisa's Mom began to cry after she was wheeled away to the operating room; I'm so glad Lisa and I had discussed what to do at her Birth Session consultation in the event of anything happening. The Mom in me wanted to rush in and hug, but the photographer in me knew that it was an important moment to capture; one that Lisa and Philip will want to share with Evy...

Evy's birth story is told in part with this highlight video that I created for her family. I hope you enjoy it as well...

(full screen version will be replacing this link once completed)

(Image Below: Dad in the nursery letting both her Grandmothers know how much she weighed...that's the last I'll "tease" you with; if you want to see her adorable cheeks and beautiful head of hair - and find out how many ounces go with those 8 pounds - you'll have to click the video link below)