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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
By Missie
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Behind the scenes prep for portrait sessions includes a ton of time driving around, scouting locations and knocking on doors asking permission to use private property. I enjoy the scenic drives, but it was a welcomed treat when the C Family contacted me for their session and asked if I'd be willing to drive out a specific location they had in mind. Not only did that save me from another four or five rounds of listening to my munchkin's favorite toddler tunes CD, but it allowed us to incorporate a meaningful location in to their portraits. When a family has a tie to the setting they are in, it always adds that extra layer of "oomph" to their portraits....

Not that this family needed any extra "oomph!" Mom did an incredible job of coordinating everyone's looks in a way that still let each of their personalities shine through, and the colors she chose complimented the setting perfectly. Mother nature cooperated nicely with the sun and temperature, they were all naturals in front of the lens, and even their sweet dog Mack was on his best behavior... this was definitely one of those sessions where everything just worked together perfectly!

I love that Mom and Dad were a-ok with letting me incorporate the walking stick that H found in to some shots - it was the perfect "prop!" 

Thank you all for inviting me to share such a great evening with you! 

Monday, September 09, 2013
By Missie
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After some poking & prodding from others about how I should be entering more photo competitions, I decided to give one a go recently...and while I didn't win the grand prize, today I'm pretty darn pleased to learn that one of my portraits was chosen by MOPS International to go on display at their upcoming convention in Kansas City! Only 50 images were selected from all the entries.

Photography, like any other art form, is incredibly personal; to me it's more than putting people in beautiful light and clicking a button, it's about reading the moment and the emotion, and being able to quickly pull together the right angel and amount of detail to tell the story. A photographer really does put a piece of themselves in every image they when someone responds positively to an image you create, it's a truly powerful reward. 

This photo competition wasn't about a big money prize, or the right to photograph the Royal Baby, or anything "glamorous" like that, but in a way it was more was real life Moms, viewing images of real families, children, and moments, saying "this image speaks to me." And since my passion is capturing meaningful memories for families to cherish, it's a big relief to find out that I'm being successful in doing that. A little validation once in a while does good for the photographer's soul :-)

To enjoy all of the final images selected for display in Kansas City, please click here. Pop you know which one is mine? 

I have to give a huge thank you to the families in each of the portraits that I submitted; I found out about this competition with not much time to spare for the deadline, and all of them so graciously hustled to get back to me with the required written releases needed by MOPS. I am so fortunate to work with such awesome Moms and families, and am so grateful for their support... you all truly do rock! XOXO

Here are some of my favorite moments captured that I submitted for various categories in this competition:

(The L Family, for Family/Motherhood; The M family's adorable mister A for Children, and the W family for Family)

And without further is the portrait that was selected:

(My heart is especially pitter-pattering since this is my hubby and baby girl...and since people always ask, no - this wasn't posed. They really do take the most beautiful naps together!!)