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Thursday, November 13, 2014
By missie
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The B's are back! Suh-weet!


This fun group happens to be close family friends, which makes it an extra special treat for me to get to work with them. They are one busy bunch, so my hubby and I don't get to see them as much as we'd like. I was thrilled when they called to set up another portrait session, and even brought the munchkin and hubby along with me to squeeze in a few hugs with them before I bossed them around with my camera...

Last year they cuddled and smiled in below-freezing temps, with ice-covered trees framing them. It was beautiful, but it sure was nice to not be popsicles this time around. We enjoyed a brisk fall evening together out at Dunlop Park...

See these two handsome kiddos? Not only do they have killer smiles, but they are both apparently tearing it up on the football field! I'm constantly seeing cool updates this fall on how well they and their teams are doing...

So, so glad we had the chance to hang out a bit you guys! And thank you again for trusting me yet again to capture those awesome smiles! XOXO

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
By Missie
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Behind the scenes prep for portrait sessions includes a ton of time driving around, scouting locations and knocking on doors asking permission to use private property. I enjoy the scenic drives, but it was a welcomed treat when the C Family contacted me for their session and asked if I'd be willing to drive out a specific location they had in mind. Not only did that save me from another four or five rounds of listening to my munchkin's favorite toddler tunes CD, but it allowed us to incorporate a meaningful location in to their portraits. When a family has a tie to the setting they are in, it always adds that extra layer of "oomph" to their portraits....

Not that this family needed any extra "oomph!" Mom did an incredible job of coordinating everyone's looks in a way that still let each of their personalities shine through, and the colors she chose complimented the setting perfectly. Mother nature cooperated nicely with the sun and temperature, they were all naturals in front of the lens, and even their sweet dog Mack was on his best behavior... this was definitely one of those sessions where everything just worked together perfectly!

I love that Mom and Dad were a-ok with letting me incorporate the walking stick that H found in to some shots - it was the perfect "prop!" 

Thank you all for inviting me to share such a great evening with you! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Missie
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This adorable family's downtown session was the first "urban" session I've had in a few months - it was fun for me to have a little change of scenary, and it gave them some variety as well; Mom shared with me that their last series of portraits were in a rural setting, so "mixing it up" with a different feel seemed fitting. I love how the neutral tones of downtown allow their wardrobe colors to pop, and how there is still a "fall" feel even without a field of grass and trees.

Big brother J did a great job warming up my camera with some silly faces and smiles, showing little brother J and Mom & Dad just how "working the camera" is done while certainly making me laugh. 

I love the natural glow Mom has, enjoying being surrounded by her three favorite guys!