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Saturday, October 04, 2014
By Missie
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It was definitely worth the wait to enjoy an evening at Shade Tree Orchard with little A, her Mommy & Daddy, and her sweet pup, Max.

Their summer got busy very quickly, and from circumstances out of anyone's control they had to bump their session back a couple of months; but as oftens happens in life, it all wound up working out perfectly! Rather than a sticky, hot, buggy summer night, we got to enjoy a golden autumn evening together. 

The session started off on a high note that you just can't top - I hadn't seen Mom since our planning meeting, so I was very excited to see a cute little baby bump as we hugged hello! How awesome it was to learn such beautiful news! {on a side note, their little guy is due to make his appearance the same week that we are supposed to finally meet our new little munchkin! In just a few months, we'll be able to set up first playdates...with toddlers and newborns, I see a lot of coffee in both our futures!}

I had a blast location scouting for their session - it was easy to convince several friends to join munchkin and I for an afternoon of apple picking and slushies while I scoped out the perfect spot for what I envisioned. The drive out was breathtaking as well...I almost ran off the road on several occassions because so many beautiful scenes caught my eye! (there were also a few stops to knock on doors for possible future locations as well. If munchkin could use full sentences, I'm sure she would have been saying "oh, geeze mom...again?" ) Sarah, who owns the orchard, was so amazingly sweet and was great getting to chat with her, and I really appreciate her opening up her property for portrait sessions. This will definitely be a spot I return to in the future!

Miss A was a little shy at first, so it was great that her buddy Max was there to help make things a little more familiar. Obviously, that shyness didn't last long... before I knew it, she was chasing me and giggling it up! The moment of her running that I captured is my favorite of the evening; and while I can easily fix up the dirty knee in the image, I just couldn't bring myself to clean that up for its share here - as you know, I love capturing the real moments - and little kiddos and grass stains just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Thanks for such a great session! XOXO