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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Missie
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This adorable family's downtown session was the first "urban" session I've had in a few months - it was fun for me to have a little change of scenary, and it gave them some variety as well; Mom shared with me that their last series of portraits were in a rural setting, so "mixing it up" with a different feel seemed fitting. I love how the neutral tones of downtown allow their wardrobe colors to pop, and how there is still a "fall" feel even without a field of grass and trees.

Big brother J did a great job warming up my camera with some silly faces and smiles, showing little brother J and Mom & Dad just how "working the camera" is done while certainly making me laugh. 

I love the natural glow Mom has, enjoying being surrounded by her three favorite guys!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
By Missie
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You know those people that just instantly make you feel right "at home?" That's the best way I can describe the D Family...

I happened to meet this gorgeous Mamma & her adorable curly-hair cherub a few months ago at the library, where we were both taking our munchkins for story & play time. Confident and bubbly, I was hoping we'd get the chance to hang out outside of "the yellow blanket" (what our kiddos played on while we all gathered around). Eventually three of us Moms struck up a conversation and wound up going out for lunch with our cuties ... and just a couple of weeks later she & her hubby were sharing their Mother's Day with us; Cooking breakfast and making us laugh, taking away the sting of our hubbies being deployed - because that's just the type of people they are.

M & M have a sweet love story, and the bliss that radiates out of their wedding photos scattered about their home just makes my heart smile. But even more so, it just naturally oozes out of both of them with every little glance... being around them just puts you in a good mood. And their little "Stinks" - (one of the nicknames for their cherub) - don't even get me started! I didn't have to prompt any of these sweet glances out of any of them... 

Needless to say, I loved being able to spend a morning capturing these moments for this Family...

Friday, November 08, 2013
By Missie
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I am so excited that I finally had the chance to photograph this family formally! We first met back at Fort Riley (I won't say how many years ago, because when I think about things like that I feel the need to go buy more anti-aging products), where T and I became "battle buddies" while our hubbies endured a crazy 15 month deployment. Her beautiful daughter, H, was just a little girl back then; adorable little M was a twinkling hope. 

When we reunited here this summer, it was just in time for me to photograph S's Homecoming from another deployment.

Whenever I work with a family, I try to get to know them as well as possible in the short amount of time leading up to their session so that I can best capture their personalities. Working with the S Family was a special treat because I over the years I have "watched" H & her little brother M grow. I knew they were close, and that I'd be able to get a shot like the one above (which I totally love)...but it was these two shots below that especially made me smile when I called them up for the first time on my screen.

When I look at the moment I captured of H laughing (the portrait below, left), I can totally still see the little girl I first met several years ago. Now this beautiful young lady, I can only think her Mom and Dad saw and felt the same thing when they saw this capture. As for M's little giggle moment, to me it totally shows how utterly adorable and cuddly, yet 100% "boy", he is. 

Who doesn't love a good laugh? How could I not include these in their final gallery?

and seriously, how beautiful are these two?

I could go on and on about how awesome this family is, and how much T's friendship over the years has meant to me...but sometime there just aren't words enough to use. So I'll let the pictures do the talking XOXO

Thank you SO much, my sweet friends, for trusting me to capture your family's memories. (and a special thank you to M for keeping me giggling and on my toes during the session...he doesn't realize that in his attempts not to be photographed, he is actually being too cute for words! shhhh...let's not tell him...)