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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Missie
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This adorable family's downtown session was the first "urban" session I've had in a few months - it was fun for me to have a little change of scenary, and it gave them some variety as well; Mom shared with me that their last series of portraits were in a rural setting, so "mixing it up" with a different feel seemed fitting. I love how the neutral tones of downtown allow their wardrobe colors to pop, and how there is still a "fall" feel even without a field of grass and trees.

Big brother J did a great job warming up my camera with some silly faces and smiles, showing little brother J and Mom & Dad just how "working the camera" is done while certainly making me laugh. 

I love the natural glow Mom has, enjoying being surrounded by her three favorite guys!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013
By Missie
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I gotta be honest when I say at first I wasn't too impressed with my first Fall in Tennessee...things were just a little "blah" in the color department, and I was feeling a bit homesick for the bursting colors of Falls from my past. And then Tuesday of this past week, I woke up to pure brilliance; it was like Mother Nature spent the night downing Starbucks.


The H Family could not have had more perfect timing (or weather!) for their Fall Family Mini Session this weekend...they also could not have suggested a more vibrant tree for their portrait session. Wowza! I think it's safe to say that this adorable family's session will be re-appearing next fall in my '14 Mini Session ads! 


This utterly adorable family was such a treat to work with. They were so relaxed in front of the camera, which was great because my singing voice isn't too lovely during allergy season. I think I only had to resort to one silly song for their handsome little guy, and I give a lot of credit to Dad for not running for the nearest roll of duct tape to immediately place over my mouth. (thanks for being such good sports!)

With Family Mini Sessions I focus on capturing lots of beautiful family shots in a short amount of time - which is perfect for working with little ones who have a short attention span to begin with. But there's no way I could go without doing a few "pull out" shots of Mom and Dad with each of their cuties. Look at those eyes!!! Living dolls, both of them...



(isn't that head band adorable? Mom made that! She has made a ton of fabulous head bands for sweet Miss C... in fact, after seeing them I hired her to make a few for my own little munchkin! If you're interested in having one made, let me know and I'll be more than happy to put you in touch with her!)

The H Family loves visiting new parks and The Nashville Zoo (Which, by the way, is free for military families this coming Sunday in honor of Veterans Day!), and are big fans of the local childrens museum, The Customs House, here in Clarksville. The train sets, bubble room, and NASCAR set are a big hit with mister C. 

(I LOVE the moment below where mister C is holding his little sister's hand and smiling at her. So precious!)



As a new Mom, I love getting advice and hearing about helpful products, and I'm pretty sure other new Moms love it as well - so in keeping up with my new "Happy Family" tidbits on my blog features, I hit Mom up for some of her time-saving tips for a family on the go:

If you're in the market for a new stroller, she highly recommends the Bob Duallie Revolution stroller; and if you're a new Mom, she recommends making life easier for yourself by creating a designated diaper changing station for the back of your car/SUV. Make a crate with a little rug, blanket, pillow, diapers, wipes, creams, bags (for dirty diapers), toys, and sanitizer...keep it in your vehicle, and you'll avoid having to deal with dirty and sketchy public bathrooms when you're on the road.


Thank you so much for such a sweet session, you guys! It was a joy getting to know you. XOXO

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
By Missie
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Well, Facebook is loaded with pics of the first pumpkin spice lattes of the seaon so I guess it's official - September is here!

This summer went faster than a blink of an eye for I'm sure it did for you, too. Between moving to a new state and trying to squeeze in some family visits, to watching my little munchkin go from barely sitting up on her own to now fully crawling and trying to pull up on things, we've had a lot going on in our family. And while the move has had me a little "quiet" on the Sessions end of things, there actually has been a ton going on here behind the scenes at Missie Jurick Photography!

Moving to a new town...and new State...meant new buisness licenses and taxes; new taxes meant adjusting my Collections and print & product pricing; and new pricing meant a new studio catalog!

I'm excited about the new design, and am even more excited about the new Collections I have put together. In addition to the 12 gorgeous Gift Prints included in all print Collections, you now also enjoy a set of 3 mini accordion albums. (Previously these were available as add-ons...but I love 'em too much to leave them out of the Collections!) I've also put together several framed print collections, featuring wall groupings of your memories displayed in stunning, custom-made frames from The Organic Bloom. 

Organic Bloom lovers will be happy to hear this update: from now on you'll enjoy $5 off each frame in your order of 3 or more custom Blooms. The new pricing chart is also streamlined to include the tax & shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.A. - three cheers for life being made easier! 

Continuing on with the Organic Bloom love, I've also decided to do a little "frame of the month" special. Starting VERY soon, I'll be posting either a frame style or frame color on my website, blog, and facebook page...for the entire month, your frame order of that featured style/color will be at a special price. (With the holidays quickly approaching, it's never too early to start on those gifts!)

Meeting up for your design consultation, whether it's for your session or for Organic Bloom frames, just got cozier. Instead of a local coffee shop, we'll now be linking up in my new office space! (photos coming soon) Cozy chairs, pillows & throws; wall grouping examples; coffee/tea (perhaps some ice cream or popcorn?)...and your awesome memories projected in their full glory. Sounds a lot better than comparing thumbnails on a computer screen, huh?  (and for busy Moms & Dads with little ones...yes, I have toys to occupy your infant and toddler!)

With all this "new", I decided not to stop there...I also have new packaging! A little more fun and less "formal"- gone are the chocolate brown boxes and accent ribbons, and in are fun new (reusable!!) pink tote bags, white boxes, and lots of colorful touches. (look for photos soon)

You'll also be seeing a bit more "personal" on my studio's facebook page. Being a new Momma,  I've obviously found a lot more reasons to photograph the daily life in my own home...and I've noticed that when I share those moment with you on my page, you all like it! (thank you!!!!!!) So, as I marvel at my own little cutie I'll be sharing some of her big (and little) moments with you..and don't be surprised if I share some recipes, projects, or other ideas I find and try as well. Us parents gotta stick together, right?!

Speaking of sharing...I'm also in the midst of creating a whole new Pinterest account specifically for you!! In addition to my studio examples, wardrobe & setting suggestions, and portrait display inspiration, I'll also have boards dedicated to fun family things. I love my current Pinterest boards, but they are a mix of my personal and business finds...and while you for sure want to see ideas for wall groupings and family outings, you probably aren't as interested in what my hubby's future man cave couch will be. (it's ok...I'm not offended) Look for that link to be posted soon as well! (and yes, I really am doing this for's not just an excuse to pin more!!)

The moral of the story here, folks, is....lots of new, I'm excited, stay tuned, and I hope to see you soon!