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Thursday, November 13, 2014
By missie
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The B's are back! Suh-weet!


This fun group happens to be close family friends, which makes it an extra special treat for me to get to work with them. They are one busy bunch, so my hubby and I don't get to see them as much as we'd like. I was thrilled when they called to set up another portrait session, and even brought the munchkin and hubby along with me to squeeze in a few hugs with them before I bossed them around with my camera...

Last year they cuddled and smiled in below-freezing temps, with ice-covered trees framing them. It was beautiful, but it sure was nice to not be popsicles this time around. We enjoyed a brisk fall evening together out at Dunlop Park...

See these two handsome kiddos? Not only do they have killer smiles, but they are both apparently tearing it up on the football field! I'm constantly seeing cool updates this fall on how well they and their teams are doing...

So, so glad we had the chance to hang out a bit you guys! And thank you again for trusting me yet again to capture those awesome smiles! XOXO

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
By Missie
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This adorable family's downtown session was the first "urban" session I've had in a few months - it was fun for me to have a little change of scenary, and it gave them some variety as well; Mom shared with me that their last series of portraits were in a rural setting, so "mixing it up" with a different feel seemed fitting. I love how the neutral tones of downtown allow their wardrobe colors to pop, and how there is still a "fall" feel even without a field of grass and trees.

Big brother J did a great job warming up my camera with some silly faces and smiles, showing little brother J and Mom & Dad just how "working the camera" is done while certainly making me laugh. 

I love the natural glow Mom has, enjoying being surrounded by her three favorite guys!

Saturday, October 04, 2014
By Missie
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It was definitely worth the wait to enjoy an evening at Shade Tree Orchard with little A, her Mommy & Daddy, and her sweet pup, Max.

Their summer got busy very quickly, and from circumstances out of anyone's control they had to bump their session back a couple of months; but as oftens happens in life, it all wound up working out perfectly! Rather than a sticky, hot, buggy summer night, we got to enjoy a golden autumn evening together. 

The session started off on a high note that you just can't top - I hadn't seen Mom since our planning meeting, so I was very excited to see a cute little baby bump as we hugged hello! How awesome it was to learn such beautiful news! {on a side note, their little guy is due to make his appearance the same week that we are supposed to finally meet our new little munchkin! In just a few months, we'll be able to set up first playdates...with toddlers and newborns, I see a lot of coffee in both our futures!}

I had a blast location scouting for their session - it was easy to convince several friends to join munchkin and I for an afternoon of apple picking and slushies while I scoped out the perfect spot for what I envisioned. The drive out was breathtaking as well...I almost ran off the road on several occassions because so many beautiful scenes caught my eye! (there were also a few stops to knock on doors for possible future locations as well. If munchkin could use full sentences, I'm sure she would have been saying "oh, geeze mom...again?" ) Sarah, who owns the orchard, was so amazingly sweet and was great getting to chat with her, and I really appreciate her opening up her property for portrait sessions. This will definitely be a spot I return to in the future!

Miss A was a little shy at first, so it was great that her buddy Max was there to help make things a little more familiar. Obviously, that shyness didn't last long... before I knew it, she was chasing me and giggling it up! The moment of her running that I captured is my favorite of the evening; and while I can easily fix up the dirty knee in the image, I just couldn't bring myself to clean that up for its share here - as you know, I love capturing the real moments - and little kiddos and grass stains just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Thanks for such a great session! XOXO

Thursday, August 28, 2014
By Missie
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He's Back!! 

T won me over the first time I met him; with his adorable smile and perfect little baby rolls, his Bath Tub session became one of my all-time favorites. (go take a peek by clicking on that link...adorable, right?!!!!)


As if that wasn't cute enough, a couple weeks ago this little water baby celebrated his first birthday. Instead of sporting his birthday suit again, though, this time he was sporting board shorts


T turned on the charm in both sessions, but there was one thing missing - Mom & Dad! So we fixed that by linking up for some family playtime the other morning...and in keeping with tradition, he was perfectly suited for the session. (suspenders! bow tie! I love it!)


These three have a beautiful Gallery coming their way...but I'm just going to tease them for now and not share all of my favorites here! XOXO

Sunday, August 17, 2014
By Missie
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Happy First Birthday, T!

Born in Hawaii, T's Mom and Dad wanted his birthday to have a special little nod to the state that holds a special place in their hearts. To help bring a bit of The Aloha State to not-so-tropical (other than the heat!) Clarksville, we came up with the Pineapple Cake in lieu of the traditional smash cake design, and decided to create some surfboards to use as the backdrop. Board shorts not only fit the theme perfectly, but would allow T's adorable belly to show...and would make things easy to clean for them. 

I knew without a doubt that the team at George The Cake Guy would be able to create a "wow" cake (and didn't they?!! Thank you, Melissa & George!)...the issue that was left was the location. 

I floated a couple of ideas in my head (ha! in a pre-coffee moment I thought about getting sand...hmmmm, good thing I poured a cup and quickly remembered that sand & cake wouldn't go well together! That would have been a Pinterest "fail" for sure!), and then happened to take my munchkin for a treat at the cafe' at Miss Lucille's. As we sat outside enjoying a lemon cupcake, I noticed the shingles on the porch area. They reminded me of a cool little beach shanty...I knew it would make the perfect backdrop!

The morning of the session T was a little hesitant to dive in to such an awesome cake. It took a little coaxing, but he did get a few pensive nibbles in. The verdict?...

.... YUMMY!

(He was kind enough to leave some leftovers for Mom, Dad, & Grandma to try)

Many, many thanks to Luci from The Belle Hollow for allowing us to use their beautiful location for the session!