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How do I book a session?  

It's easy-peasy, lemon-breezy...if you're juggling kids and phone time isn't happening (or sneaking personal time at's ok, I won't tell), you can click here to send me your information. Otherwise, please give me a buzz at 609-949-4428. Either way we'll chat about dates & and location ideas, and I'll send you a link to pay your retainer. 

What will my session cost?

Lifestyle sessions held within a 30 minute driving radius of Medford Lakes, NJ, have a non-refundable $200 retainer to reserve your date and time*. Sessions held outside this area will incur an additional travel fee based on mileage. I have several Collections for you to choose from ranging from $500-$825. The retainer and NJ state tax are included in those prices. The remaining balance of your Collection will be due at the time of ordering, and you are more than welcome to add additional products to your collection. My average families invest $800-$1200 on their memories.

Little Blue Canoe photography is a full-service experience. From location scouting and wardrobe styling assistance, to planning a wall grouping and selecting portrait sizes and finishes, I am here to assist you with superior customer service every step of the way.

*you can view the Portrait Collection pricing & details here. If you wish to have your session held in a theme park or other venue that requires admission or rental fees, those costs will be in addition to your session retainer.  

Does my session fee include the digital files?

Yes, each Collection includes a different number of digital files to enjoy with a written print release. You will enjoy these in addition to the professionally printed portraits or custom coffee table books included in the Collection of your choice. 

In 40 years, when your kids & Grandkids are visiting and you are sitting around telling stories, I want you to be flipping through an album of portraits or pointing to memories framed on your walls. I want you to have the wallet print of your kids barefoot and giggling still tucked away in your wallet, wearing its crinkled edges proudly because it's been taken in and out so frequently to show off.

I could easily hand you a thumb drive or send you a download link, but I don't feel right leaving my job off there. Our lives get busier and busier every day, and even with the best of intentions things like printing images get pushed back on our to-do list. I know how easy it is to have this happen - I'm a busy Mom with unprinted memories and unfinished baby albums myself. I include physical prints or books with each Collection so that you walk away from your session experience with beautiful memories in hand, ready to cherish. (ok, and I'm also a bit of a worry-wort, and want to make sure you enjoy professionally printed memories with proper color and cropping, unlike what you could potentially end up with from a big box store or discount lab)

When you book a session with Little Blue Canoe, you can feel confident that the time and money you are investing in your family's memories will result in beautiful prints and albums that will become cherished family heirlooms. 

Where will my session be held?

During your session consultation we will discuss your family's interests and style and select a location that best captures those. Sessions can be at a favorite park or ice cream shop; in a bowling alley; downtown using a fun alley or textured wall; or (one of my favorite locations) in and around your own home! These are just a few ideas - the skies the limit. If you have specific places in mind, let me know! Otherwise, I'm happy to make recommendations. (you'd be shocked at how much time I spend location include knocking on strangers' doors to ask permission to use their property!)

What happens if it rains or one of my kids get sick?

Life & Mother Nature don't always play nice with our plans. If inclement weather prevents us from using an outdoor location for your session, and a backup location that fits our vision isn't available for that same day, we will reschedule. Your retainer is rolled over to reserve your new date & time.

If anyone becomes ill or another emergency arises, I do ask that you contact me to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. This allows me time to cancel any childcare arrangements I've made and to contact any venue we may be using to let them know of our change in plans; this also gives us more time to reschedule. Obviously we cannot control the timing of life, so if an emergency or illness occurs and you are unable to give me 24 hours notice we will certainly still reschedule, but you will be responsible for any additional travel costs/childcare/rental fees/etc that may arise.

If you fail to show for your session you will forfeit your retainer, and another retainer will be due to secure your new date and time.

Do you offer framing?

I do! Little Blue Canoe is proud to be a "Bloomie!" I am an authorized retailer for The Organic Bloom. If you prefer a different style of frame, I can assist you with those choices as well.

Do you offer photography lessons?

Yes! I LOVE teaching people how to capture their family's memories. My lessons are geared towards beginners who are afraid of the Manual setting on their cameras, aren't sure how to find the right light, and constantly cut heads or feet off in their kid's birthday party photos. You can learn more here

Why do you have a sunflower tattoo?

(get ready to say "awwww, how sweet!") I've loved all of Vincent VanGogh's Sunflower paintings since I was riding around my Strawberry Shortcake tricycle; knowing this, during my hubby's first deployment he arranged to have a bouquet of sunflowers delivered to me every month for the entire year. We were dating at the obviously was a winning move on his part! The tattoo reminds me of his love. 

Can I have a princess snack?

Sorry, I had to throw a little humor in here to see if you've actually read through all this. I hear this question 9,783 times a day from my daughter. seriously. I've counted.